OVLSME Activities

  Running Days - Running days are determined at the Fall/Winter meetings and are published in the 'Link', the club's monthly newsletter as well as on this website in the Schedule page. Members with current boiler certified locomotives choose whether to run or not, there is no compulsory requirement. All running days are on Sunday generally from approx. 11 am to 3 pm.

  Fall/Winter Meetings - Meetings are held monthly from November to April on the first Sunday of the month at 2 pm at the home of a volunteering member. On holiday weekends, the meeting is on the following Sunday. Apart from dealing with Club business, members are encouraged to bring 'Show-and-Tell' items which may be part of a current project or a new tool or solution to a prblem. The May meeting is held at the track site to commence Spring cleanup and deal with Club business.  
  Weekly Site Maintenance - From May to October members who are able meet at the track site on Wednesdays to perform maintenance on grounds, track and equipment. We are currently adding additional ground-level track and modifying switches to provide a double oval riding experience - very exciting ! There is also on-going refurbishment of the existing elevated track. Lots to keep us busy and great camaraderie over tea and lunch !  
  The Link - Our indefatigable Link editor Graham Copley distributes monthly copies of our Club newsletter 'The Link' in pdf format via email to active members and others. The contents include basic information about the officers for the current year and articles and photographs of activities and projects of interest to members. All members are invited to submit content to Graham for publication.