OVLSME - Getting Started

Where to begin...?

OVLSME is for anyone who is interested in mechanical hobbies of any kind. Listed below are some of the pursuits of past and present club members to whet your appetite ! If you would like to discuss your involvement with a club member, please contact one of the Club officers as listed on the Club Officers page.

- building and operating live steam locomotives
- purchasing and operating live steam locomotives
- building and operating live steam traction engines 
- building and operating live steam or air operated stationary engines
- building hot air (Stirling) engines
 - model boat building, with or without Radio Control
- model airplane building with Radio Control
- clock building
- custom made tools and tool enhancements
- CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining
- 3D printing
As can be seen from the partial list above, we have keen interest in any mechanical or electro- mechanical hobbies, and you are free to dip in a toe or take the plunge and perhaps introduce us to a new endeavor ! Some links to various possible sources are listed below. Come on in, the water is fine !!
Steam Locomotive, stationary engine, supplies Model Airplanes, Boats, Supplies

Reeves 2000 (U.K)

Discount Hobbies Orleans
Maidstone Engineering (U.K) Hobby House Ottawa
Blackgates Engineering (U.K) Great Hobbies Ottawa
Macc Model Engineers Supplies (U.K.) 3D Printers, CNC Engravers etc. 
American Model Engineering Supply (U.S.A) Bang Good

Lathes, Milling Machines, Tooling

Legere Industrial Ottawa Metal Pros (Ottawa)
Busy Bee Tools Ottawa Metal Supermarkets (Ottawa)
Harbor Freight Tools (U.S.A) Ottawa Metal Supplies (Ottawa)
Grizzly Tools (U.S.A) Noggin End (U.K)
Taig Tools (U.S.A)  
Little Machine Shop (U.S.A)  
Cardon Tools (Hwy 7)