OVLSME Schedule 2023

 Club Running Day - indicates no demonstration rides given. Spectators welcome
All Aboard Day - indicates that demonstration rides are available to spectators
No activity - indicates that no locomotives will be running


21 Club Running Day Long Weekend (Victoria Day) 6 Club Running Day Long Weekend ( Civic Holiday )
28 All Aboard Day Heritage Power with VITEO 13 No activity  
      20 Club Running Day  
JUNE     27 All Aboard Day  
4 No activity Doors Open Ottawa      
11 Club Running Day   SEPTEMBER    
18 No activity   3 No activity Long Weekend (Labour Day)/Harvest Programming
25 All Aboard Day   10 Club Running Day Club Picnic
      17 No activity
JULY     24 All Aboard Day Culture Days
2 No activity Canada Day Weekend (Saturday)      
9 Club Running Day Music & Beyond OCTOBER    
16 No activity
1 Club Running Day  
23 Club Running Day  Vintage Vehicle Experience 8 No activity Long Weekend (Thanksgiving) Marathon
30 All Aboard Day Long Weekend (Civic Holiday) 15 No activity  
      22 Club Running Day  
      29 All Aboard Day Halloween Hijinks